The story of tata steel – A century old and getting even stronger

The story of tata steel - A century old and getting even stronger

A name that is written in golden letters in the history of India’s progress is Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group, the biggest conglomerate in India.

Tata Iron and Steel Company (TISCO) was founded by him and after his death in 1904, his older son Sir Dorabji Tata established the company on 26th August,1907 in an  area of present-day Bihar (now Jharkhand), That  remote and rugged place is today a huge steel city, known to the whole world as “Jamshedpur.

Tata Steel did not stop with just its steel plant at Jamshedpur , but has also set up  steel plants at ‘Kalinagar'(Orissa), ‘Dhenkanal’, ‘Sahibabad (UP)) and more recently at’ Khopli ‘(Maharashtra).Not only steel, but it is popular all over the world for making steel-centered wires, tubes, bearings and various machineries used in agriculture. It also has a Ferro-alloys and Minerals division and a heavy-duty engineering and fabrication unit, Tata Growth Shop.

Tata Steel successfully delivered 16.26 MnTPA of steel to the Indian market in FY 2019, recording an increase of 34% over the previous year 2018 due to the acquisition of Bhushan Steel (now renamed as TSBSL) and a ramp up at both Kalinganagar and Tata Steel BSL.

In addition to steel in India, Tata Steel has successfully established its flagship brand in steel business, automotive, construction and technology.

This unprecedented advancement of Tata Steel has been accelerated by the availability of raw materials and low transport costs, which have passed through the neighboring mineral regions of Jharkhand (Bihar), Orissa and West Bokaro. A robust presence across the value chain helps the Company achieve higher economic efficiencies and customer satisfaction standards which is one of the best in the industry.

The progress of Tata Steel is not limited to India; but it has spread all over the world.

Tata Steel is currently the largest steel supplier in Europe where they provide 12.3 million TPA steel per year. Tata Steel’s expansion in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, through the merger of Europe’s Corus in 2007 is enviable.

In Southeast Asia, Tata Steel also started its business in 2004 with the acquisition of Nat Steel in Singapore and Millennium Steel in Thailand, which further strengthened its South-East Asian operations.

With the relentless efforts of 65,000 skilled and hardworking dedicated workers, Tata Steel’s annual turnover has now reached Rs 70,611 crore.

Tata Steel is a shining example of a self-reliant India, firmly rooted in the faith of the common man.

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Satarupa Dutta (Data: Debraj Guha Thakurta)

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