The tale of Union Budget & Green Farming

The tale of Union Budget & Green Farming

Last Wednesday when finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman presented the union budget, “Green Growth” was the prime focus. “We are implementing many programs for green fuel, green energy, green farming, green mobility, green buildings, and green equipment, and policies for efficient use of energy across various economic sectors,” said Mrs. Sitaraman as she read out the budget. Thanks to this announcement, organic farming stocks in NSE and BSE are likely to see some movement in the near term.

For farmers, it meant green farming through the use of natural fertilizers and organic methods of farming. The Government plans to support over 1 crore farmers in transitioning to natural farming over the next three years. PM PRANAM- the primary scheme in this regard – was launched to incentivise states and Union Territories to promote alternative fertilizers and a balanced use of chemical fertilizers. 10,000 bio-input resource centers will be set up under this project.

Under another scheme- GOBARdhan – 500 new ‘waste to wealth’ plants (Galvanizing Organic Bio Agro Resources Dhan) are to be established to promote a circular economy at a total investment of Rs 10,000 crore. The Gobardhan scheme focuses on managing and converting cattle dung and solid waste on farms into compost, biogas, and bio-CNG.

Overall the focus of the Government is to promote natural farming by using natural fertilizers. The overuse of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in conventional farming can harm the soil, reducing its fertility and ability to support healthy plant growth. Another benefit of natural farming is reducing chemical exposure to both farmers and consumers. Natural farming also helps reduce water pollution, which is one of the prime concerns in India.

Stocks to watch out for

UPL Limited: ULPis a global generic crop protection, chemicals, and seeds company. The Company is principally engaged in the agro-business of production and sale of agrochemicals, field crops, and vegetable seeds. They operate in three segments: agrochemical, industrial chemicals, and others.

Rallis India Ltd: The Company is engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of Crop Protection and Crop Nutrition solutions. The company’s crop nutrition portfolio in the domestic market consists of biostimulants, biofertilizers, biopesticides, organic fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers as well as micro and secondary nutrients.

Coromandel International Ltd: Coromandel is one of India’s leading Agri solutions providers, offering diverse products and services across the farming value chain. The Company business consists of two major segments: Nutrient and Crop Protection. It specializes in Fertiliser, Crop Protection, Biopesticide, Specialty Nutrients, and Organic fertilizer.

Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd: Mahindra EPC is a Mahindra Group Company popularly known as EPC Irrigation Limited. It is a pioneer of micro-irrigation in India. Mahindra EPC provides solutions for agriculture with a focus on Micro-Irrigation, Pumps & inter-related requirements of fertigation & agronomic support.

Shakti Pumps (India) Ltd: Shakti Pumps has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of energy-efficient pumps and motors since 1982. The company provides various renewable energy solutions, primarily for the agriculture sector. The company’s product portfolio largely caters to applications like agriculture, irrigation, industrial applications and processes, pressure boosting in high-rise buildings, rural/urban community water supply schemes, waste and sewage water treatments, and firefighting.

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– Debraj Guha Thakurta & Nischay Avichal

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